What is it?

A Hair transplant is a surgical operation that is the most effective method of treating either baldness or hair loss. Most often very small parts of scalp are taken from the back and side parts of the head and then grafted into the areas in most need of attention. In this website you will learn much more about it and find the highest quality medical practitioners in your area.

Hair Transplant Great grafting


Undergoing a hair transplant is primarily a cosmetic service, mostly for men, however recently there has been an upturn in women giving it the thumbs up especially to combat hair loss, thinning or bald spots. In men, hair loss and male pattern baldness usually happens due to genetics and increases with age. Whilst there is no cure; some medications can help alleviate it. However this grafting procedure is by far and away the most effective. In typical male balding the hairline typically recedes which results in more forehead and scalp being exposed. In addition the majority experience hair thinning at the top of the head, or the crown. Female hair loss is often attributed to ordinary hormone changes that occur in later life and hair thins all over. More rarely this operation can be done to replenish hair lost during rare accidents such as in a fire, disease or accident.

Alternative Treatments

An alternative to hair replacement therapy is known as scalp reduction. This method of hair transplant is the removal skin parts in hairless areas and proceeding to elongate regular, hair-covered scalp so that it covers more of the newly cut area.

Hair Transplant covering the crown

How many are done and where?

Research suggests that approximately 55,000 men each year have a hair grafting procedure performed in countries all over the world. With the highest quality markers in the U.K and U.S.A but there are alternative hotspots in India, Thailand and Greece.